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The Museum and its environment

The Human Evolution Museum, inaugurated in July of 2010, acts as the headquarters for the 'Integrated Atapuerca Knowledgebase', a managerial instrument in charge of administering and coordinating the different teams, centers, services and departments working together on the Atapuerca Project. The University of Burgos and the Atapuerca Foundation, as centers associated with this knowledgebase, play a supporting role at the Human Evolution Museum and in the Atapuerca Project.

The Atapuerca Foundation

The Foundation was created in July of 1999 to back the research being carried out in the Atapuerca Mountains and to ensure that the archaeological site received the scientific, cultural and social recognition that it deserved as a World Heritage Site. Directed by Mr. Eudald Carbonell, a member of the Atapuerca Research Team, the Foundation also aides in teaching the public about Atapuerca and helps with the management of visitors and tourists. Finally, it promotes community involvement to help the Atapuerca Site gain strength and recognition worldwide.

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Universidad de Burgos

Universidad de BurgosThe University of Burgos is involved in the Sierra de Atapuerca research projects through the Prehistory and Palaeontology Areas of the History Department and the Atapuerca laboratories in the R+D+I Building. It is also involved in joint research projects and activities covered by the Atapuerca System, and provides technical support for site and visitor management in aspects such as planning, environment, socio-economic development and planning, as well as the dissemination and explanation of our cultural heritage.