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Educational materials

Here you can download a range of teaching materials to help teachers and students prepare for their visit (teaching units, games, worksheets, etc.).  

MEHscape online 

In order to promote new technologies applied to museum education, the MEH has developed a game through the Genially platform, which will be available for free on its social networks and website. 
The project, created by the educational staff at the MEH, is a breakout or online escape game, in which the player experiences visiting the different rooms of the MEH from their own home. It is aimed at children aged 12 and over, although its ease of use and content make it a tool for communicating science to all adults interested in the field of human evolution. 

Your mission will be to recover several hominins that have gone missing from the Gallery of Human Evolution. Through a series of games, the player will have to solve each of the puzzles and tests along the way to achieve the ultimate goal: to rescue the hominids and put an end to the evil Dr. Katiuskas' plans. 

The main objective of this project is to provide an overview of the museum and its most relevant content , which relate to some of the most significant discoveries made at the archaeological sites of the Sierra de Atapuerca, to the main concepts of human evolution and to aspects of everyday life in prehistoric times. They will also learn additional information throughout the game that is not relevant to the mission, but will give them extra knowledge.  

MEHscape online is a different way of getting to know the museum for those who cannot come to visit it, but it is also a new educational tool for anyone interested in learning more about our evolution. 

Access the game 


The 'NOTES' project, made up of ten working groups, provides downloadable files, educational videos and audiovisual resources with information about the Museum of Human Evolution. The content has been created by its education team through Microsoft Teams  and will allow teachers and students to learn about the fundamental aspects of human evolution, the Atapuerca Archaeological Site and the museum itself. 



'NOTES' is now available for any school to join the working group of their choice by contacting the musem on +34947421000 or by e-mailing RESERVAS@MUSEOEVOLUCIONHUMANA.COM   



Educational mini-guides

MEH has made 23 educational mini-guides available to all educational centers with information about specific spaces and resources of the Museum; such as the part dedicated to Darwin, "Ramón y Cajal", the discovery of fire or Atapuerca's Sites. These  materials has been made by the Museum's educators and are adaptable to different educational levels.

MEH educational mini-guides


Learning Niches

Homo Floresiensis-Garex Talentia Project

Educational Material produced by 3rd and 4th Year Secondary students at the Liceo Maristas School under the Talentia Project.





Education Programme

The activities offered by the Atapuerca System are very suitable to help teachers address a variety of topics covered in the pre-primary education curriculum.

MHE visit

This educational activity consists of a 90 minute guided tour of the Museum of Human Evolution, accompanied by members of our Education Staff. You will see the actual original fossils of the most important discoveries at the Sierra de Atapuerca sites and learn how the different hominin species evolved in the last four million years, how our brains work and when and where the first stone tools were made.


Upper Primary, Secondary, Upper Secondary, Professional Training and Special Education students.
Duration: 1h 30’.
Cost: €4 per student. Schools in the “The city also teaches” programme: €2 per student.

MHE: another classroom at your school

This special activity is for teachers who are interested in using part of the Museum's permanent exhibition to dig deeper into the curricular material of their courses. In this activity, the teacher is the person who explains the contents of the previously chosen part of the exhibition to his or her students.

Technical, Secondary, Upper Secondary and Special Education students
Duration: 1h
Cost: Free

Observations: This activity is to be designed and led independently by the teacher, adapting the tour to the Museum regulations.

Duration: 1h 30’.
Cost: €3 euros per student. Schools in the “The city also teaches” programme: €2 per student.

MIGUELÓN shows you over his house

We accompany Miguelón, a Museum inhabitant who is more than 400,000 years old, to discover the secrets kept by the MHE and learn which animals he preferred to hunt and where he hid his favourite tools.

Infant, Primary and Special Education students.
Duration: 1h
Cost: €3 per student


Turn into a palaeolithic tribe with your class companions and have fun as you discover what an ordinary day in the life of a kid was like 100,000 years ago.

Infant and Special Education students.
Duration: 1h 30’
Cost: €3 per student.


Visit our settlement and turn into a kid 7,000 years ago on this journey through the Sierra de Atapuerca in the distant past.

Lower Primary and Special Education students.
Duration: 1h 30’
Cost: €3 per student

The little archaeologist

Learn what it's like to work at an archaeological site. Discover items buried in the ground at our special excavation.

Second and Third Infant, Lower Primary and Special Education students
Duration: 1h 30’
Cost: €3 per student
Observations: This workshop is also available in English.


Participants in this team activity use their mobile phones and the Museum's guides to answer questions, with clues and solutions waiting to be found somewhere in the Museum of Human Evolution. Extra answers give you the chance to take part in our special Parcheesi and reach a higher cc4.

Technical, Secondary and Upper Secondary students.
Duration 3h
Cost: €3 per student


The Atapuerca System is part of the Burgos City Council's educational program, 'The Open Door City', with a range of activities for kindergarten, primary and secondary students. Download this PDF for information about the four activities that you can join to learn more about the Museum of Human Evolution and the Sierra de Atapuerca sites. Call 902024246 and ask about our special prices for visits to the actual Atapuerca Sites and the Archaeological Park.


Click on this link to see photos of some of the workshops available to school students:

Key questions

32 key questions before visiting the Museum of Human Evolution.