Burgos Evolution Forum

Burgos evolution forum

The Burgos Auditorium and Conference Center, inaugurated in September of 2012, is located just to the right of the Human Evolution Museum and was constructed with the idea in mind of giving the city a place to hold national and international conferences as well as other social events like concerts and plays.
 Of all the buildings that make up the Burgos Human Evolution Complex, this is the ideal place for conferences and scientific meetings.

Forum Museo de la Evolución

This new, cultural space, also known as ‘Evolution Forum’, is a 35,000 m2 structure comprised of the following parts:

A main auditorium with a capacity to seat 1,550 people.  It houses - among other things - a large stage, an orchestra pit, an amphitheater, meeting rooms, press rooms and administrative offices.
 A secondary auditorium with a capacity to seat 653 people, located on the northeastern side of the building.
 An exposition hall with skylights to provide light.  This space is distributed over the various floors.
 Multi-purpose rooms.
 A coffee shop and restaurant.