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Top 10

1. A day with Homo antecessor

Possibly the oldest treasure you will ever see: an 850,000 year old fossil hominid discovered in the Railway Cutting in Sierra de Atapuerca de la Sierra de Atapuerca.

2. Excavation at the ‘Gran Dolina’ Site

The place where it all began, from the Museum of Human Evolution to theories about the first Europeans.

3. Face to face with our past

Look into the eyes of 10 of your ancestors in Hominid Gallery. Realistic reproductions of species from the oldest to the nearest in time.

4. ‘Excalibur’ Hand Axe

A hand axe, a symbol of intelligence, the oldest known reference to symbolic behaviour or a quartzite handaxe. Call it what you want..

5. Transparent Architecture: Light and Landscape

From the top floor you can look down into the different Sierra de Atapuerca ecosystems and appreciate the glorious light that floods this museum designed by Juan Navarro Baldeweg..

6. The Museum looks at the city

The Museum entrance is a vantage point for the most spectacular views of Burgos, with the image of the city reflected in the glass facade.. 

7. From the excavation to the Lab

Which happens to fossil once they are discovered? We present 30 years of experience, condensed into just a few minutes.

8. Homo heidelbergensis. Miguelón

One of our ancestors, Homo heidelbergensis, live in Europe half a million years ago. One of them is now called "Miguelón", in honour of world champion cyclist Miguel Indurain.

9. The Elvis pelvis and the Miguelón skull

The 'Crown Jewels' of the MHE are its original fossils. These two are the most high valued items on account of their magnificent state of conservation and the extraordinary information they have provided.

10. Beagle

Evolution has always existed, but the scientific theory that defines it began in a brig like this one, which took Charles Darwin to the Galapagos Islands..