Atapuerca visit

You will learn more about your past

Archeological Sites

Visits to the Archaeological Site located in the Atapuerca Mountains can be done both individually and in groups. The visit is with a guide and takes place in what we call the "Railway Trench" (except during excavations), a man-made valley cut into limestone rock that was first excavated for trains at the beginning of the twentieth century. It was this initial excavation that brought about the discovery of the most important remains of the mountain range: the Elephant Cave, the Gallery, and the Gran Dolina, all of which can be seen in this remarkable archaeological and paleontological location.
 Our professional guides will pick you up and personally take you to the site. Pick up points are located at our Visitor Reception Centers in the villages of Atapuerca and Ibeas de Juarros. Once on-site, our guides will tell the history of the digs and discoveries, helping you to completely understand the lifestyle of the human beings that populated the area.

Archeological Park

The Archaeological Park is a center for prehistoric interpretation in which, in just under an acre of land, different moments from prehistoric history have been recreated based on evidence from important worldwide archaeological digs.

The visit to the Archaeological Park is with a guide -- both for individuals and for groups -- and it lasts approximately one hour. The main objective of the visit is to teach you firsthand about life in the Palaeolithic, Neolithic, and Metal Ages.

This is a very practical and participatory visit in which a member of the Atapuerca Research Team will explain the keys of human evolution through experimental archeology. You will learn how stone was worked and tools were made, you will understand how and why cave walls were painted, you will hunt with spears, slings, and arrows.... The secret of fire will even be revealed to you in a hut from the Metal Age.