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In 90 minutes you'll have a lot of fun and get to know our origins in a museum dedicated to us: human beings.

The Railway Trench Archaeological Site

Atapuerca -- a magical, mountainous treasure chest pierced with multiple caves -- holds in its interior the mysteries of the first human beings that lived in Western Europe: the Homo antecessors. Venture into this magical place and experience the excitement, just like the first archaeologists who discovered the original fossils that are now on display.

The Bone Pit

In a deep, remote part of the Atapuerca Mountains lie the remains of twenty eight men and women who lived a half a million years ago. You will learn about the archaeological site, see some of the most complete original fossils in the world, and even get to look Miguelón right in the eye! Only then will you fully understand why these fossils are considered true archaeological gems. 

From Excavation to the Lab

Just like the real archaeologists, you will discover what excavation is like, how pieces are washed near the river, how lab work is carried out... all in a unique interactive zone that will show you exactly how research into our most remote past is done. Grab your safety helmet and... get to work!

Evolutionary Theory

A ship has washed ashore in the Museum. Do you dare enter? It's the HMS Beagle, the fabulous British frigate that took the English scientist Charles Darwin around the world to discover species' evolutionary processes. Visit the ship's holds, which are full of supplies, and travel to England to sneak a peek at Darwin's very own office. And don't forget... be careful with the waves! 

Human Evolution

Close your eyes, stand in the middle of the room, and look around you. Feel the magic that fills this space, in which we can get reacquainted with our ancestors and look them straight in the eye: Lucy, Mrs. Ples, the Turkana Boy, etc... even Miguelón himself. It's a truly unforgettable experience.

The Brain

We use our brain to think, dream, imagine, and love. It's undoubtedly the most complex organ of our body, and the one that makes us feel "more human." You will learn about its mechanisms, the mystery surrounding its workings, and you'll walk inside our gigantic brain with its myriad of wires that recreate its functioning. This great work of art comes to us from the artist Daniel Canogar.  Have you ever seen a real brain? 

Fire, a Primordial Acquisition

You'll be surrounded by fire inside this great sphere which occupies the ground floor of the Museum. You'll find yourself in the middle of a great storm, with intense light, as if it were from the torches of a group of approaching warriors or from a space shuttle blasting off. Be careful with the flames of the sun storm!

Evolutionary Ecosystems

Travel to the jungle, dive into the Savannah, experience the freeze of glacial Europe, and get back to our roots: Africa. Let yourself be surrounded by gorillas, hippos, deer, and bison. Live among the Maasai people. Take up the challenge of saving our planet. Do all of this without leaving one exposition hall in which you will experience the cold and warmth of a very diverse world: ours

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