Visits for schools and universities

Is easier to learn if you have a real experience


The Human Evolution Museum offers different types of educational visits tailored to different academic levels -- from early childhood education to the university level. In all of these visits, you will be accompanied by a Museum guide who possesses a great deal of experience in the fields of archeology, paleontology, and teaching. Your guide will explain the most important aspects of our evolution to your group. The guided visits and the resources used during them are always adapted to the academic level of the center that is visiting.

Types of visits

1. General educational visit to the Human Evolution Museum. A 90 minute guided tour of the Museum in which you will discover everything from the most important, real fossil remains unearthed at Atapuerca to the significance of tool making.

2. Educational visits in French or English. It is also possible to have the general educational visit to the Museum in another language.

3. If, on the other hand, you prefer to prepare your visit from within the classroom, don't forget that every Tuesday afternoon at 6:00 (from October 1 to May 31) we offer a "Teacher's Afernoon". In this activity, you will be accompanied by a Museum representative with unparalleled classroom experience who will show you all of the educational materials that the Museum has to offer you and your students.

To participate in any of these activities, you must make a reservation:

+34 947421000 

4. Themed educational visits. If, on the other hand, you would like to have a more specific visit about one of the Museum's themes -- biological evolution, cultural evolution, Atapuerca, facilities and architecture, museography, etc. -- don't hesitate to contact us to request a personalized, guided visit.

To request a personalized visit, it is necessary to book in advance:

+34 947 257 103 - Ext. 104 (Department of Teaching and Innovation)